International Certificate of Origin Online Training
Train your staff in CO issuance procedures.


The International Certificate of Origin (CO) online training programme provides you, as chamber trade documentation professional, both underpinning and advanced training and practices in CO issuance procedures.

  • First Certificate of Origin (CO) online training globally
  • Based upon the ICC WCF International CO Guidelines, which establish international best practices for CO issuance procedures
  • Aims to reinforce the competency and professionalism of CO documentation professionals
  • Strengthens chambers' role as an unrivalled, trusted third party in the delivery of COs at a time of worldwide debate about certifying origin

Target Audience

  • Chambers of commerce CO issuing staff
  • Other organizations within the CO transaction chain, including Customs officers, Customs brokers and freight forwarders, as well as general traders


4 chapters, 3 quizzes, 1 final assessment and several practical case studies covering:

  • Overview of CO (types, importance, trends, etc)
  • CO issuance procedures (place, price, forms, checklist, etc)
  • Supporting documents for CO issuance
  • CO verification processes
  • Determination and verification of origin
  • Advanced CO issues (stamps, fraud, retrospective CO, issuance, etc)


  • Training anytime, anywhere
  • Affordable price
  • Diversified study approaches: mentor service/ self-study guide
  • ICC WCF Certificate of Completion sent to you upon completion
"The ICC's online document certification training and testing program is helpful for chambers who wish to expand their knowledge of certification. Taking this program will encourage you to uphold the highest standard when applying your stamp on international documents."

Anick de Sousa
Carnet and Certification Specialist, Canadian Chamber of Commerce


Individuals can sign up instantly for the online training programme, discounts on group are available from 10% to 30%:

  • 1-10 trainees: £750 per trainee
  • 11-20 trainees: £675 per trainee
  • 21-50 trainees: £600 per trainee
  • 50+ trainees: £525 per trainee


About us

This ICC WCF Certificate of Origin Online Training programme is run in partnership with the British Chambers of Commerce.

ICC WCF is a unique and truly global forum uniting the global network of more than 12,000 chambers from every country around the world. It facilitates the exchange of best practices and fosters the development of new global products and services for chambers, as well as strengthen international partnerships between chambers and other stakeholders, in helping their local businesses grow.


Paul Wrighting
Corporate Service and Training Manager

British Chambers of Commerce
Greyfriars Court, 65 Petty France
London SW1H 9EU
United Kingdom

Email: Paul Wrighting

Julie Sonladuangchanh
Project Officer, ICC World Chambers Federation (WCF)

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
33-43 avenue du Président Wilson
75116, Paris

Email: Julie Sonladuangchanh


1. What kind of knowledge will I get from this training?

From completing the course you will gain a deep understanding of the CO issuing process and the rules governing origin of goods and an internationally recognized qualification.

2. How do I navigate through the course?

Each of the sections must be completed in turn and we strongly recommend that each section is taken in order displayed. Just click on each heading on the left to display the learning material.

3. How many questions do we have in the quiz in order to move on to the next category?

5 questions for each quiz.

4. Is it possible to jump to the next sections without finishing quizzes before?

No. You can only have access to the Glossary and Appendixes sections.

5. How can I validate my training?

If you have completed the training and passed the examination, then the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) will confirm your successful completion of the course and a certificate of achievement will be issued by ICC World Chambers Federation. If you have failed to complete the training or not successfully completed the assessment paper, then you will need to sign up to the course again.

6. How is the assessment paper marked?

We have a team of Certification experts who will mark the papers and give feedback on the answers provided.

7. How long after the final assessment will I find out my result?

We will try and get all papers marked in 5 working days.

8. What help can I get along my training?

For technical problems with the site then please email Paul Wrighting. If you have a problem with the content, then consider signing up for the mentoring program. If you have the mentoring program, then simply click the chat button to ask your mentor questions and they will get back to you as quick as they can.

9. Are there additional courses?

At present there are no additional courses but we are working to develop complementary trainings in the near future.

10. Who will see my results?

The results will only be seen by candidates themselves.

11. Do I have to pay for the course?

Yes. The course has to be paid before access to the training.

12. Are there any additional costs?

No. Once the course is paid, there are no additional costs. If you decide to add mentor service to your course, this will be charged separately.

13. How much time do I have to do the course?

You have 3 months to complete the course and submit your assessment paper. We recommend submitting your assessment paper at least two weeks before the end of expire date so that it can be re-taken if necessary.

14. Will my Certificate of Completion expire?

Yes. As it is important to keep up your knowledge to date, the Certificate of Completion will be valid for 2 years.

15. What happens if I lose my Certificate of Completion?

A replacement certificate can be sent to you. Please contact WCF.

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